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    Dolce Restaurant is a fine dining place located in Hagerstown, MD featuring the most unique and exciting flavors of the European cuisine, especially the Eastern European cuisine. Apart from being deeply rooted in the culture, tradition and technique of the Eastern European cuisine, our staff is innovative and enthusiastic in the interpretation of the food and hospitality.

    our mission

    • To make sure that each person receives punctual, professional, friendly and polite service
    • To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained place for our clients and staff
    • To offer at a fair price nutritional, well prepared meals using only quality ingredients
    • To make sure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve
    • To thank each client for the giving us the chance to serve them
    • By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve

    Quality. Passion. Pride.

    Quality is excellence. It means total devotement to serve 100% fresh food using the most qualitative ingredients available. We are a qualitative place and not a quantitative one. However, we are quality at the right quantity. Passion is the pleasure that we put into every dish we make for our customers. Apart from the passion to make 100% homemade food, our passion is supplied by the satisfaction we receive from serving and making our clients happy. We work with the mentality of happy clients, happy staff. Pride is our home. To us, it is the obligation to welcome our clients as they are part of our family and treat them as such by introducing them to the best we have to offer. At Dolce, naturalness and originality are two of our strongest attributes that we use to ensure that every person leaves with a smile on their face.



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    Open 7 days a week! Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday 5:00 AM to 9 PM

    Our place is ideal for romantic dinners, casual meetings or enjoying a night out with friends and family due to the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere our staff ensures. In addition, our restaurant makes our finest homemade dining available for people who enjoy spending time inside of their homes through our constant delivery service.


    We have a small, energetic and committed staff that aims to make every moment a special and startling experience.



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    792 Frederick Street,
    Hagerstown, MD.

    Telephone:+1 301-745-6300
    Telephone:+1 301-745-6301
    E-mail:Click here


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    792 Frederick Street, Hagerstown, MD

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